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History of Aragon Way

As it explains us the History, seem to be that in the 10th century the most important way that went into Spain through the Pyrenean cornice, was the one who following the ancient shod roman Bearn-Cesaraugusta crossed the port of Palo (1970 mts) through the monastery of Siresa and went down by the valley in fact until the Channel of Berdún. Of the importance that had this Way until the year 1000 speak amply the documents of said Monastery. Roman and mediaeval bridges allowed follow the traced of this Way of the follow conserving big quantity of rests of shod.

PeregrinoAnother primitive route that followed the Pilgrims that used the route Tolosana was the one who, splitting of Florón, crossed the Pyrenees along the Gave D´ Ossau, happen the Portalé (1792 mts.) and go down by the valley of Tena until Biescas and from here take the direction to Jaca.

At the finals of the 10th century It begins the declive of the go through the port of Palo when coinciding with the peak of the step of the Somport (1640 mts.). It is this route the one who begins to purchase main importance in the 11th century since Ramiro I, around the year 1.035, does of Jaca the capital of the kingdom of Aragón. Later, between the years 1.077 and 1.090, the kings Alfonso VI of Castilla and Sancho Ramírez of Aragon and Navarra, seeing the importance that has this road, decide to condition the Way of Santiago.

Nevertheless, the History followed advising  recondition the port of Palo and the valley in fact, restoring Siresa, but the orography went to have

big importance, imposing in favour of the Step of Somport, because being to lower altitude facilitated the communications during more months to the year.

Then the infrastructure was fixed fundamentally in the Step of the Pyrenees by this point, reinforcing besides with the construction of the hospital of Santa Cristina.Ruinas del antiguo Hospital de Santa Cristina

On the same summit of the Somport begins the Way of Santiago to his go through the Kingdom of Aragon. In a lot of cases, a way will revive a historical process-artistic full of spiritual sense always in contact with the nature. The distinct contrasts of the landscape in the same day, will be one of the most pleasant surprises that can enjoy the Pilgrim. Big summits with snows almost perpetual, masses of black pine, firs and box, ravines and walls of black earth, fields of crop and waters running by narrow brooks that in his mouth  to the river magnify Aragon, faithful mate of the pilgrim until earths Señalización durante el caminoof Navarra. The flight of the vulture, of the real eagle, black whistle and of the falcons also will be witnesses of our step.

Any problem will present to the pilgrim to follow the correct route when being perfectly signposted by the yellow arrows characteristics of the Way of Santiago, that will see during all the route until Compostela. The Way coincides likewise with the GR 65.3 in all the territory of Aragón, also very signposted.

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