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One of the routes from France to Santiago de Compostela does his entrance by the port of the Somport, the Aragonese way, is the continuation of the road tolosana whose full stop is a village called Borce in the French slope. From the border the way follows the course of the river Aragon the Roman Shod, and until Jaca is a route of mountain.

The gastronomy that find along this stretch of the way is a popular kitchen done with affection and care, based in own ingredients of the zone; an art transmitted between generations where prevails a frank kitchen, honoured and painstaking based in delicacies derived of the hunting, such as the deer and the wild boar in abundance, hares, roebuck, etc. Cooked or roasted according to the whim of his officiant. The main hunting in the High Aragon cooked with wine, grasses and spices and the minor pikled, with onion.

Some products of the orchard, like asparagus and borage, are undeservedly unknown. In Carnival, leaves of borraja are bater and fry until they remain crispy. sprinkle with sugar and you can taste the crespillos. Fried stalks of taste like any another vegetable, sautéed or stew, constitute an extraordinary fineness.

Of the child of the autochthonous livestock, chickens and indispensable rabbits for stewed tomatoes and peppers and almond or fillings; according to the desires: the basic pig of the home-made preserves, without forgetting the eggs to the “salmorrejo”; the lamb, but known like “ternasco” in the many culinary possibilities, already was roasted, grilled, to the shepherd or in one magnifies stew (champiñones of spring) mushroom. Stews are stews shepherds that you will find in a lot of places of the way jacobeo.

Of the lamb takes advantage of  almost everything, like this the ribs and grilled
chops with branches or with boxwood chips, and “paticas”, hands and bowels
forming skeins and fried until golden and crisp calls  “tripiligates”  conclusive where
there are them and the fritadas (vísceras) are appropriate energetic sources to the
climate and to the earth that offers them.

Given the wealth of his forests is not difficult to find big variety of mushrooms, many
of them edible, indispensable ingredient in the preparation of stews or like
accompaniment of other succulent creations.

We find us likewise an important fan of wild fruits: raspberries, berries, “garimbastas”
or berries like the “arañones”, “tapaculos”, etc.., with which elaborate exquisite
jams, liquors and snaps.

The bread is another of the always present elements inside the gastronomic offer. The crumbs is one of his more important presentations as well as the soups of garlic sometimes alone, with egg, ham or cod. It serves also like ingredient as a basis for sauces and fundamental base in the preparation of some desserts.

The trouts that live in the rivers of these mountains are like salmon and considered  the queen of these seas, that together with the basic cod of the “ajoarrieros” fill the less conclusive part of the gastronomic offer.

The cheese done with milk of sheep or goat is also very recognised, already was very cured or tenderr and some  is conserve in olive oil very flavoured with autochthonous grasses like rosemary, thyme or laurel, indispensable in the stews or “calderetas” above-mentioned.

The bakery deserves a separate chapter. They are recognised the sweet traditional elaborated with almond, hazelnut, honey, etc. The lard is alsoan important ingredient in the preparation of cookies and cakes as well as the desserts with base of bread and milk such as the French toast in his varied versions. In Jaca there is all a repertoire of sweet: bows, trunk of bud, potatoes of Jaca, hearts of Jaca, tablets of San Juan de la Peña, coronitas of Santa Orosia, earls of Jaca, “jaqueses”.

Through the years and of the centuries the Way has remained and the gastronomic offer has evolved learning of our ancestors to love and pamperand with the new technicians updating it to maintain their traditions in terms of tastes and aromas


by Mertxe Aldanondo | Hotel Conde Aznar | Restaurant The Aragonese Kitchen
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