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Total k

      It calculates the total kilometres from the point of the game until Santiago. Here we suppose they are those that mediate between Somport and Compostela (849.3 Km.). We explain only the kilometres of gone, as the ones of turn usually do not drive by bicycle.


      It recommends for these 849,3 Km. A minimum of eight days. Has to make the pilgrimage with the sufficient calm as to have time to visit the most interesting places of the Way. Although, as always, the best is that the pilgrim schedule freely his stages and itineraries and do rest when it need it, no only because it have it foreseen in advance. Is also an adventure of freedom.


a) Physical. If you aren´t a practitioner on cycling, when you are to drive each
day a lot of kilometres, you have to take very seriously the physical preparation.
The steps to be followed they could be:

  • Visit to a medical specialist, that in sight of the prolonged effort that try
    to realise do you a check and give you the timely councils.

  • Trace you a plan of training that begin with few kilometres increasing them
    progressively. You will see, if you are constant, how you same you of your
    recognize your own progress.

  • Complete your physical preparation with daily gymnastics to give elasticity    
    to thegs muscles, back and neck.

b) Mechanical. That it see your bicycle a good mechanic and leave you advise by him
on the improvements of effectiveness of your machine, for example, that the mobile
parts of the bicycle are of guarantee and have of a rational combination of dishes
and gear in orther to get a comfortable developments that adapt  to your strengths.

c) Technical. Do you accompany in your training by people experienced in  bicycle
that advise you from the posture to adopt on the same, the form and the time to do
the changes, pedaling, etc.



          a) One or two pilgrims. It uses stock bags which adjust on the rear wheels and in the handlebar, but do not forget that for the bicycle and for you what less better weight. You have to dress clothes adjusted that it do the less resistance to the air and that do not have at all floating with the consequent danger to complicate with the mobile parts of the bicycle. It chooses T-shirts of colours very alive to do you see of the other vehicles in road. A stock exchange of grooming, a sack to sleep and a tracksuit for the visits to monuments and walk by the places of destination will complete your luggage.

          b) A group of pilgrims. The risk of course is multiply by the number of the participants, by what is advisable to carry a car of support. If you do not found a volunteer or familiar who accompanyes you, you have to rotate driving the car. In this case the car will carry the luggage of all, the supplies in route and the first aid kit, as well as a shop of campaign in case there is difficulty in finding square in some hostel. Remember that the pilgrim who walks has always preference.


  1. Personal. The National Document of Identity and the Card of the Social Security

  2. Of pilgrim. Pilgrimm badge. Ask for it through our Association.

Councils for the Way

  • Exact achiever  of the Code of Circulation.

  • Full the can always with mineral water. Be careful with the water sources that you find along the way

  • It carries some tool with which go out of the difficulty in road. In the ends of stage will find mechanical.


In the last years has put fashionable the bicycle of mountain Mountain bike? And a lot of pilgrims choose it to realise the pilgrimage to Santiago, this type of bicycles offer an easer pedaling thanks to the possibilities that offer his 18 or 21 speeds and that allows to go by all luck of ways. But they are more weighed that the ones of cycling and to the hour of travel by roads are more uncomfortable by the main width and drawing of the covers.

In theory is possible travel with these bicycles by all the Way of Santiago, but the strong throw off balance of the ways of earth, his firm irregular and the weight of the luggage does that to the hour of the truth only the pilgrims that have a big physical preparation can visit them and the main part of the pilgrims finishes pedaling by the road in which the bicycles of mountain are slower. For the main part of the Way exists a type of hybrid bicycle, is the ideal vehicle if we do the pilgrimage paginating roads and in good condition tracks. Then each one decides.

In general, with bicycle of mountain can visit well the ways of Castilla in spite of the abundant stones and the hardness of the ways.

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