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The Compostela

Credencial del peregrinoThe current badge of the pilgrim, that delivers exclusively to which do all or part of the Way of Santiago on foot, in bicycle or to horse, has his origins in the letters of presentation that from the primes of the history Jacobea conceded the Kings, clergyman, Popes and other authorities like document of recommendation or safe-conduct to which pilgrimage to Compostela. The history relates crowd of documents in which it conceded for mediation of said letter all type of privileges and thank you so that the bearer and his companions obtained protection and also the exemption of the payment of tributes (special taxes, tolls, etc.) whose total could arrive to cause great problems to which pilgrimage to Compostela.

Stamp.- In The modern times this letter of presentation, has been substituted by the badge of the pilgrim that is a personal document in which it indicates  the place of start of the pilgrimage. This badge has by a part the interest that remember the pilgrimage, is as a document started when walking of each day that although poor in the material considers valuable as fuel the remember of the one who did a high of his life on the way to go collecting the Stamps.Thoes go incorporating in the places by where raisin.

Do the Way of Santiago is a personal commitment and corresponds in scoop to the own pilgrim provide the means (feeding, Sellosreceive, etc.) to carry out this company. The hospitality of the villages has watched always for facilitating this pilgrimage raising shelters, hostels and hospitals. The pilgrim can not demand at all by his condition of such, but the badge is a document by which allows  the access to the hostels and shelters in many of the totally free occasions or by means of the payment of a small quantity that helps to the maintenance of the same.

The badge delivers in Associations, Parishes, Brotherhood, etc, or in the place where initiates the way, being always advisable the presentation of a letter or document that accredit and identify to the applicant. With the badge, for those that have done at least 100 kilometres by foot and 200 in bicycle, the Cathedral of Santiago, concedes the call COMPOSTELA a document by which recognises that the pilgrim has arrived to put it and that has done it by  “Pietatis Causa”



La Credencial del Peregrino se facilita a todas las personas que manifiesten su deseo de realizar la ruta jacobea en las Parroquias o Delegaciones Diocesanas del Camino de Santiago de su ciudad. Por ello recomendamos el dirigirse a ellas ya que la Credencial es un documento que expide la Iglesia.

Pueden obtener también este documento en:


ASOCIACIÓN DE AMIGOS DEL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO .- Albergue de Peregrinos, Calle Conde Aznar, nº 9


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                                        NOTA: En ningún caso se remiten por correo las Credenciales, han de retirarse personalmente.

IGLESIA DE SANTIAGO: En esta Parroquia, además de recibir la Bendición diaria del Peregrino, se puede también obtener la Credencial.


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ASOCIACIONES DE AMIGOS DEL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO: En las poblaciones que existan estas Asociacionestambién se puede solicitar la Credencial

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