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The pilgrimage walk is close to any person although it was not an athlete, whenever he knows to dose the effort in function of the physical possibilities. You will have to train you realising treks increasingly long and, to be possible, with the loaded rucksack with all the indispensable team that think to carry, like this will comprise that when it weighs the "indispensable "" leaves to be it.


Backpack: it will be our mate of way during a lot of hours by what has to be comfortable and light.
Procure you one of anatomical type, with belts in the waist and the breast, and with lateral and upper pockets. It is necessary to put the things in the rucksack of orderly form and in stock exchanges of plastic of diverse colours to facilitate his use and warn that they can wet. The weight is a great Camino de Santiago a pieproblem that avoid regardless of almost everything, if it weighs more than 10 Kg.? It will weigh you? When loading it is necessary to distribute the most weigh at the top and the most close possible to the back. Never is convenient to carry at all out of the rucksack hanging because it become wet or loses easily.

Sack to sleep: it is indispensable if you think to use shelters or hostels of pilgrims, in summer is not necessary that it was very thick and therefore very heavy. Also it is necessary to carry  mat or foam.

Footwear: it is necessary carry more than a pair and procure that the foot was previously accustomed to them. The ideal is a boot of light fabric (that it do not cause sweat to the foot), that protect the ankles of the sprains and facilitate to walk between stones and mud. In summer can use slippers of sport if the boots result you uncomfortable.

Clothes: few: two games of each piece, a jumper and oilskin or layer that in case of rain can cover also the rucksack. A little bag with detergent will facilitate the cleaning and that at the end of the day can put you clean clothes that always is pleasant for you and for the smell of the other. The style and the clothing is advisable to take care it, so that it identify us  like pilgrims and no like simple sportsmen, for this will carry in the rucksack the shell or vieira and the bordón or walking steak. It is convenient a hat of cloth or straw, this last especially in periods of heat. Always it suits to carry manually some long trousers, that can it to you put easily without Bastónremoving you the boots, and a jacket to avoid cool in the stops and can get dressed of discreet form to go in the churches, shops, shelters, etc.

Food: always it is necessary to carry a bit of food on, especially nuts, fruit or chocolate, and the can full. But it is useless to load food for more than a day, in the shelters will inform you when in the next stage was difficult to buy food.

First aid kit: can carry a small medicine kit with iodine, strap of cloth, gauze, barren, strips, some laxative and astringent, a cream inflammatory and cream of solar protection. Don’t forget the card of the Social Security.

Another items: Walking steak: help to walk although sometimes it seem annoying. Torch: A stock exchange of plastic (with cords to hang of the neck) facilitates to carry manually the maps without break neither wet. In addition to a guide with maps can carry some small book that help you to the reflection, but do not pretend to carry on with you your library. It is interesting a notebook for your notes. It is not well carry on a lot of money and is better to use cards. It suits that your family have an idea of your route and the telephones of the Offices of Information to locate you in urgent cases.

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